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Darling Duo Brown & Aqua Collection Ensemble
The pieces of this collection are each adorned with brown and aqua ribbons for an unbeatable duo. Set includes all five pieces sh...
Suggested Price: $106.16
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Lipodrene 100tabs
LIPODRENE NOTE: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS EPHEDRALIPODRENE is a pharmaceutical-grade weight loss formula containing a new fat burner technology proven to be 29% more effective as a Fat Burner than Redux?!Targets Fat In The Most Stubborn Areas... (hips, thighs & buttocks) LIPODRENE The Ultimate Fat Burner. was developed exclusively by a leading medical and pharmacological team and represents the culmination of research with more than 120,000 women and men throughout the United States.LIPODRENE was engineered based on volumes of scientific and clinical data with hundreds of Published studies by the most prominent Universities and Medical Journals in the world, including the following: University of Chicago International Journal of Obesity American Journal of Clinical Nutrition New England Journal of Medicine "LIPODRENE technology is unmatched by any other weight-loss or "fat burner" product currently available."LIPODRENE is a product you simply MUST TRY if you are having trouble losing weight ... whether your weight loss goals involve 5lbs, 25lbs, or even 125lbs.!LIPODRENE s Advanced Lipocatabolic System-is shown to dramatically burn fat and boost energy.LIPODRENE's advanced fat burner technology is a combination of natural herbs and lipotropics specially patented as a 3-way fat burning system that not only helps you burn away calories and fat, but our unique formula helps to control: sugar cravings and suppresses your appetite.LIPODRENE's unique pill was formulated out of a strong necessity for a genuine, no-nonsense weight loss product. LIPODRENE's All Natural Fat Burner isn't just another diet pill!LIPODRENE is for people who are looking for one product to serve as a fat burner, energy booster, appetite suppressant, and natural diuretic.A unique property of LIPODRENE lies in its ability to target and burn fat in the most stubborn areas (the hips, thighs and buttocks)!Each serving of 1 capsule contains: Proprietary Blend with Thermo-Rx and Extend-Rx Technology: [Ephedra Extract 25mg (leaves), Acacia Rigidula Extract (leaves) MethylSynephrine [Yielding 75mg Phenylethylamine Alkaloids Including: B-Phenylethylamine, N-Methyl-B-phenylethylamine, and R-beta-methylphenylehtylamine] Phenylethylamine HCl, 25mg Synephrine HCl, Theobromine, Green Tea Extract (45mg ECGC), Hoodia Extract (cactus), Cassia Noname Extract (plant), Naringen (fruit), 6,7 Dihydroxybergamottin (fruit), 5-Methoxytryptamine HCl, L-5-Hydroxytryptophan, Yohimbine HCl] 557.5mg Caffeine (Anhydrous) 100mgLIPODRENE's Activation of Cyclic AMP (adenosine monophosphate) dramatically mobilizes stored fat lipids for thermogenesis in preference to carbohydrates. LIPODRENE has also been proven to safely increase hormonal thyroid output...without interrupting the body's natural production of thyroid hormone.The biochemical mechanism of maintaining or increasing lean body mass is directly related to the availability of Cyclic AMP. By facilitating hormonal action, Cyclic AMP regulates the body's thermogenic response to food, increases the body's basic metabolic rate, and increases the utilization of body fat as fuel or energy, providing the most effective fat burner available!In clinical trials, LIPODRENE's alpha-2 adrenergic catalyst was shown to cause significant reduction in the size of a patient's hips, thighs, and buttocks!LIPODRENE is based upon the process of stimulating "lipolysis" (the release of fat) and serves to inhibit "lipogenesis" (the storage of fat).Specifically, LIPODRENE actually inhibits the release of targeted enzymes that control fat storage while also stimulating cellular energy, effectively causing the individual fat cells to release volumous (and unwanted) fatty acids.LIPODRENE is a breakthrough technology for rapid, Sustainable, and Safe weight loss!In medical journals the scientific data surrounding LIPODRENE's weight-loss - fat burning technology, the following results have consistently been reported.. Shown to be 29% more effective than the leading weight loss compound dexfenfluramine (REDUX?) 42% reduction in total body fat. 50% increase in resting metabolic rate (allowing you to burn calories without exercise!). Up to 300% more weight lost while dieting (vs. dieting alone). Proven safe and effective for long term weight loss.Directions: Take 1 tablet an hour after breakfast and 1 tablet an hour after lunch.WARNINGS: Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. For products containing ephedra or ephedrine. Taking more than the recommended serving may result in heart attack, stroke, seizure or death. Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you have high blood pressure, heart or thyroid disease, diabetes, difficulty urinating, prostate enlargement, or glaucoma, or are using any prescription drug. Do not use if you are taking a MAO inhibitor or any allergy, asthma, or cold medication containing ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or phenylpropanolamine. Discontinue use if dizziness, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, or nausea occurs.
Suggested Price: $35.99
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